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2018 Flag Football Rules


  1. Number of players per team - No more than 12 and no less than 10.
  2. Number of players on field - No more than 8 and no less than 5.
  3. Play will start on the 5 yd. line and the offense has 4 downs to get a 1st down.
  4. If offense does not get a 1st down the other team gets the ball on their 5yd line on offense and has 4 downs to get a 1st down. 
  5. 1st downs will be marked at mid field by an orange cone.
  6. After 1st down is achieved the offense has 4 more downs to get a touchdown.
  7. On offense each team will have a quarterback, center, and 6 other eligible players on offense. The 6 eligible players may be in the form of blockers/receivers/running backs. 
  8. Defense is allowed to have the same number of players as the offense. No blitzing allowed. You can have your defense in any configuration you like. 
  9. Interceptions-the player can attempt to run it back for a touchdown. If the player does not score a touchdown, the offense will begin at the 5 yard line. 
  10. Fumbles-Player cannot advance the ball. The ball is dead and offense will loss a down.
  11. On offense the quarterback has 5 seconds to throw the ball or it results in a sack, loss of down and continued play from the previous spot of the ball.
  12. At the beginning of the game the teams can do a coin toss or the visiting team will play offense first.
  13. Each game will last 1 hour long or a total of 30 plays, whichever; comes 1st.
  14. Absolutely no tackling. The pulling of flags is how we stop a play. Once the flag is pulled play ends at that exact spot on the field.
  15. If a runner’s flag falls off while running, all the opposing team needs to do is touch the player with one hand to end a play.
  16. No parents, only coaches are allowed on the field during the course of a game.
  17. Coaches will officiate the games to their best ability.
  18. Parents, Coaches, and players will be held to proper code of conduct during games. Which means only cheer for your team not against the other team. No use of foul language.
  19. No practices off site during the week! if you want to practice come a hour before your game and practice then.