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NJFF Flag Football League

The primary mission of the NJFF Flag Football League is to develop and promote a positive and safe atmosphere that provides football skills, fundamentals, and a memorable experience for the players. We strive to teach and promote positive values such as good sportsmanship, respect towards teammates, coaches, referees, and opposing players. We provide guidance to become a leader and shape the character of the players by teaching them the courage in defeat; tolerance and modesty in victory; while enjoying and having fun in the sport.



Evaluation will take place for all divisions. The President and coordinator of the division will oversee the evaluations.  All coaches will evaluate all the players in their respective division to draft their team. All players will be evaluated to ensure parity on the teams for the upcoming season.    


The Draft

All coaches will be at evaluations. Each player will receive a score from each coach. The scores will be used so that the coaches would be able to draft their team. The only Protected Player/s are the child/ren of a coach. Each player will still be evaluated and provided a ranking.  These ranks will be averaged for the players and that team will lose their selection for that round (ex. A player scores a 5, which is the highest score that team will forgo the 1st round). The ranking shall be based on the number of picks anticipated in the Round. For example, if an anticipated five-pick per team Round, the following would apply. If the player is within the top twenty percent (20%) of the players in the Round for that age group, then the player must be selected with the first pick of the draft devoted solely to that age group. Similarly, if the player is in the next twenty percent (20%) of that group, the player would have to be selected with the second pick and so on.

Order of Selection- The order will be selected at random.  Each round will be a snake draft (ex. #1 pick goes to the first team until the end of the first round, The second round begins with the team that selected last in the first round get to select first. The third round the last team that selected in the second round selects first and so on.

For a printable view of the  Mission Statement document CLICK HERE